Ideas. Solutions. Strategies.




Ideation for us begins with active and intense listening. We value the narratives that lead clients to our creative problem-solving process. As leading thought-partners, we create spaces to map out what's possible, study our desired impact and design the future.



We've mastered the art of planning and executing sophisticated strategies within business, political, non-profit and grassroots arenas. Our team has experience in social impact design and has engineered operations that have improved culture, systems and lives.



What drives us? You Do. People-centered solutions foster sustainability, investment, and commitment. Our solutions are phased to create opportunities to grow and improve upon successes. We are thoughtful, intentional, solvers. And we work in partnership with you.


Dynamic is the New Discipline

Think Rubix is intentionally agile. Our process is designed to deal with each client uniquely. Like a modern, eclectic eatery, our offerings will change; adapting to seasons and cultural shifts, but our approach is consistent;

  • ASSESS the challenges and environment;
  • DECONSTRUCT variance and perform analysis;
  • RECONSTRUCT processes and systems centering equity;
  • LAUNCH a tailored communications strategy that prioritizes inclusion, consensus, and drives energy toward goals that meet the bottom line.

What we offer


Research, Policy & Theory

From designing legislation, connecting with policy makers, or developing policy governance , Think Rubix has subject-matter expertise in a wide range of areas, including domestic policy, international relations, justice, philanthropy, equity pipelines and inclusion, and civic engagement.  We are proud to support global, national and grassroots change-makers utilizing policy is a tool to better tomorrow.



Political Strategies

Smart political strategies benefit us all. Think Rubix has experience advising candidates, conducting focus groups, managing campaigns, crafting messages and building platforms, and using research to inform approach. We believe in competition. We believe in democracy. We believe in winning.



Training & Development

Good teams with big ambition call on Think Rubix. We assess what you want to build as a leader, a city, an organization - design a program suited to strengthen your skills and measure your success, and walk with you on your journey. Capacity-building is essential to creating impact. We can help you develop the capacity you need to unlock your potential.



Creative Communications

Principals at Think Rubix have been regarded as one of today's leading cutting-edge messengers and platform creators. We help partners see messaging as a way to motivate people to create the world they want to see. We are responsible for pushing the envelope in civic and influencer messaging, online amplification, equity-centered dialogue, and political and movement narratives.