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Ifeoma Ike of Think Rubix joins the Breakfast Club to discuss efforts to bring mental health equity to NYC and the new Mass Bailout justice reform initiative.

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“We shocked the world again,” DeJuana Thompson said. “This was a completely independent effort that was focused on the idea of what happens when you resource black people with the goal of turning out black people.”

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Tristan Wilkerson, co-creator of Black and Brown People Vote, a nonpartisan political activism project, said Trump’s appeals to voters of color is “just a step from mockery.”

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Still, "movements cannot be centered around a candidate or a campaign," says the partner in the Washington, D.C., consulting firm Think Rubix, which crafted the Woke Vote electoral strategy.

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The latest issue of DC Comics' flagship Batman series tackles the intersections of police brutality, institutionalized racism, poverty and gentrification. Ifeoma Ike, Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., Wade Henderson and D. Watkins join to discuss.

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Black Lives Matter is taking center stage at this year's Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference. Ifeoma Ike, co-creator of "Black and Brown People Vote" joins the panel to discuss.

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Think Rubix addresses the need to center Black Women in political campaigns

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Think Rubix designs national effort addressing inequity for Black public servants.

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Think Rubix supports elected amplify her women's right narrative: "I'm Fighting for the Reproductive Rights My Mother Didn't Have Access To"

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“The question became how do we engage more of our communities to at least see this as a concern, connect this concern to their day-to-day lives, and figure out what are some of the strategies that need to be in place to change policies, and to the extent we can change the political makeup in those communities,” said Ifeoma Ike

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