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It all started when…

Tristan Wilkerson and Ifeoma Ike were Hill veterans with big ideas germinating from crisis and tragedy in places like Ferguson and Sanford. Following work mobilizing in Ferguson, Ike and Wilkerson continued to observe that parts of the country were underserved and unnoticed, but needed the type of organizing and consulting expertise that could make significant and last change in their communities. Intent on impacting real change, Wilkerson and Ike began a dialogue focusing on solving complex problems through their work. Ike likened the puzzles they intended to solve to be akin to the iconic colorful cubic game of her youth, and in that moment she and Wilkerson knew their budding organization had a name—Think Rubix.

Fast forward to June 2016 when Rep. John Lewis led a bold sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives to bring attention to the continuing resistance by GOP leadership to consider gun-control legislation. At a strategy meeting in the Minority Leader’s office, Wilkerson was introduced to DeJuana Thompson, and it was as if the stars suddenly aligned. The first meeting between the three around the corner from the Capitol building lasted three hours, with ideas and inspiration ping-ponging across the table. 

At one point the three realized that between the three of them, they could not find a person that one of them did not have access to. This is when they saw how their combination of unique experiences—fueled by the power of inclusion during the Obama years—meant that TR could be the missing piece they all saw to making positive change, and reverse the disturbing trends from the tragedies that united them in the first place.

Imagine a world when the negativity we see is no longer happening. Imagine a time when underserved communities have the access to expertise and organizing to make real, substantive change. That time is now.